Bayside House By Grzywinski Pons

Bayside House For Rent

Bayside House by Grzywinski Pons – Bayside House has a form this kind of the volume has four floors and brown.

On the very first floor is designed for swimming pool located inside the basement, the next floor is designed for living area, the actual third floor is designed for any lounge and kitchen and third floor to the bedroom.

Upon the second floor combines concrete along with a big glass to supply light-weight straight into the area.

Upon the porch roof and also the floor is created?? Of wood arranged lengthwise along with lots of the previous upon the roof.

On the inside of the Bayside House by Grzywinski Pons has a beautiful view with a room that combines black-rimmed white color.

As well as for the entire area and bathroom white interior which provides the actual impression of clean? The actual bathrooms give a soft seasana to unwind and pamper you.

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