Appropriate height for dining room lights

Dec 16th
Dining Room Lights
Dining Room Lights

Lighting is a key element of interior design and can quickly change the atmosphere of an environment. When installing dining room lights, there are some rules to follow to avoid security risks and also to get a feel that will complement the other elements of the room decor.

  1. Hanging lamps

Traditionally, chandeliers are hung at a height 80-90 cm above the center of the dining table. Chandeliers the pendants are hung about 70 to 90 cm, depending on the length and design of the part. If the ceiling is higher than the standard 2.5 m, you should add 20 cm for every half meter and consider using higher powered lamps to provide enough dining room lights in situations of dinners and meetings. To prevent fire hazards and interruption of the passage in the dining room, hang the chandelier to at least 1.2 m from walls and furniture. However, chandeliers are very versatile and easily incorporated into many types of decor. For modern and contemporary spaces, where the dining table may be lower than a traditional table, consider hanging the chandelier in a lower than usual, to create a more intimate setting height. Importantly chandeliers in low height can create excessive heat and cause strange shadows and distorted facial features, which may annoy some visitors.

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  1. Wall lights
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Wall dining room lights are ideal to compensate for poorly lit areas and create a point of visual attention that highlights elements of decoration. Ideally, washers must be hung at a height from 1.5 m to 1.8 m from the ground – corresponds to the level of vision – and should be spaced apart by 2.5 to 3 m. When installing sconces, hold the piece in a height not let the bulbs appear. Also, combine wall lamps with the rest of the interior decoration and consider purchasing fixtures that contribute to strengthening the decor theme.

  1. Tips for choosing the lighting

With all the dining room lights choices available, how to know exactly what style to choose? First, do a search on the style you choose for your dining room. Styles most classic and always stylish combine with decorative chandeliers, as they are more suitable for more discreet lights, pendant luminaries as more artistic, handmade or eclectic styles. There pendant luminaries specially designed for theme rooms, such as pool halls or dining rooms with nature-inspired themes. Consider installing directional lights up the dining room has more of a utility, for example, also serve as an office. For fixtures that have visible wires, use tissue or artificial plants that match your decor, to cover them.

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