Applications for Light Ropes and Strings

Aug 28th
Rope Lights Lowes
Rope Lights Lowes

Light ropes and strings are relatively cheap, durable and easy to install, making them a great addition to your home decor. But, just running a rope around the edge of a room can be a little boring to your liking. If so, try to place rope lights in some more unconventional places. While creative use of light ropes and strings will not give you a hovering car, place rolls of rope light under each piece of furniture can throw the illusion of hovering chairs and sofas in a dark room.

For outdoor parties, create a maze on the ground with the ropes of light ropes and strings, using a color for a sketch of the maze and another for the interior walls. Keep the maze simple for children’s parties or make it more complicated for teenagers and adults. For indoor parties, it makes a maze instead of a maze, which means that guests still have to follow all the twists but every way leads to the center.

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Creative applications for light ropes and strings, if your house or apartment is missing windows and you are tired of sitting in the dark, remove glass and backing materials from a large picture frame and replace them with thin white acrylic cloth such as Plexiglas. Wrap a string of white ropes light behind the frame, and secure them with rope light mounting clips. Hang the frame on the wall, and then add a curtain rod and some sheer or semi-transparent curtains. Add the traditional window across pieces if you want. These can be easily made from balm.

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