A Love Of Wood And The Excellence Calligaris Coffee Table

Traditional Coffee Tables

Calligaris coffee table – This item is produced by Calligaris, founded in 1923 by a love of wood and the excellence that characterizes the Italian production.

Talent and passion are the two key words and the two fundamental values ​​on which Calligaris born and developed, leading the company to a position of leadership in Italy and abroad, thanks to a range of products designed around the philosophy of quality and reliability.

The Calligaris coffee table expandable and lifting Eleven Calligaris is characterized by a satin steel structure and a flat glass screen printed neutral.

The main feature of eleven is the possibility of raising the structure, obtaining a real dining table, the height of eleven is easily adjustable with the wheels positioned on one side of the legs, while the opposite side will remain fixed.

With one hand placed on one side of the table button is pressed, this facilitates the rise and descent of the plane, like an ironing board.

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