5 different types of wall outdoor sconces explained

Mar 14th
Outdoor Wall Sconces Amazon
Outdoor Wall Sconces Amazon

Choose the best accessory to match the aesthetics of your building is easy once you have had eight different types of wall outdoor sconces explained to you.

Outdoor lighting comes in many forms and styles, and the fixtures can be made of various materials. When selecting a wall outdoor sconces for your building, there are several factors to consider. Outdoor lighting can be used to highlight landscaping, lighting paths, or provide security at night. Depending on the location and intended use, their needs for size and brightness may vary.

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  1. Contemporary

A contemporary outdoor sconces style with elegant clean lines and polished chrome or stainless steel framed clear glass, often called the “light car” design. Contemporary styles also include “jelly jar” projects.

  1. Traditional

Wall of outdoor sconces traditional style has a curved design and are usually made of brass or tin. The “armed candle” lamp is a traditional folk style. Drawings of candles generally predate modern electrical standards, but now the candle wax was replaced with a plastic wire and cylinder “flame-tip” shaped bulb. Because of its delicate structure, candle-arm sconces may not be appropriate for highly exposed outdoor applications, such as placing the garage next door. However, they can be used in more protected areas, such as hallways or back porches input.

  1. Transitional
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Sconces transition between fall angular contemporary style and traditional curved style.

  1. Rustic

Similar to the mission style outdoor sconces, rustic candlesticks have frames of wood or wrought iron. However, these washers are also embellished with ornamental features.

  1. Builder

Utility or builder grade is a generic term used to describe sconces economy that is mass ordered by contractors. Builders are generally motivated by budgets and deadlines, leaving the aesthetic criteria of the ultimate owner. If you bought your new home it may still have builder grade sconces. These are often designed in a contemporary style.

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